About Us
We're creating change. Meaningful change.
The HelpingGroup has a strong emphasis on ensuring that our services remain free and accessible to all of our end users.
What is it that we do exactly?
Combating social change with technological solutions. HelpingGroup started with one problem and one idea for a solution. Now we are an organisation committed to developing initiatives to unite us all for whatever we may face. It is easy to talk about our mission, our goals and our achievements, but who are we? What is it that we do exactly?
Our Mission
Helping Group’s mission is to combat current events with digital solutions so the Australian people can connect and thrive together.
Our Vision
HelpingGroup’s vision is to create impactful change through digital advancements to positively affect people’s lives on a global scale.
Our Values
We are one team. One unit committed and passionate about a shared mission. Every member of our team adds value.
We are always looking forward to it. “good enough” is not the goal, we push for the best.
Commitment to Customers
We always aim to create initiatives that bring positive differences into people’s lives.
We value our people. Our customers and our team are always treated with respect.
We believe in doing what is right by our team and our customers.
We do not believe in hidden layers of information.
Our Culture
It’s important for us to collectively agree upon the way that we will change the world.
Work Life Balance
Creative Freedoms
Investing in our People
Global Scope
Continuous Evolution
Our Origin
It has always been a main goal of the HelpingGroup that our initiatives are free and accessible to those who need it.
HelpingGroup was born out of the HelpingHomes initiative, started in January 2020 during the devastating bushfires. Original members of the HelpingHomes initiative were humbled by its success but quickly realised that there was so much more that could be done. HelpingHomes was the first solution of many.
As HelpingHomes evolved from a one-man operation to an organisation, it became HelpingGroup. HelpingHomes evolved to become our cornerstone initiative.
Our organisation is an ecosystem. The initiatives within are interconnected and give us insights as to how to move forward and fulfil our mission in creating positive change. Once we started to support those who lost their homes to the bushfires, we realised that it was not just individuals that needed the support of a united Australia, but businesses and communities too.
This was the inspiration for SupportThem, an online e-commerce platform where rural and regional communities can sell to the Australian population and share their story.
HelpingHomes and SupportThem are initiatives that focus on repairing the effects of natural disasters. The next step was to address fire preparation and prevention. OurMove is a digital noticeboard where Australian communities of all talents and skills can come together and help one another prepare for any natural disaster throughout the year.
We believe in investing in people.
Our internship program is founded on pairing the interests of our applicants with like-minded people in our organisation. It is important to us that our interns gain just as much as we do during their time with us. It is not just about getting your supervisor a coffee! 
We want to know what your passions are, what you want to learn, and what you want to work on. Each intern has a program that is tailored specifically to achieving their professional objectives. 
During your time at HelpingGroup, you will be able to apply your knowledge to active projects within the company. By the end of your internship, you will have created an extensive portfolio of the skills you have learned and the work you have published.
If you’re interested - get in touch with your CV and a bit about you.
HelpingGroup acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and work, and pays deepest respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We also acknowledge that sovereignty of these lands has never been ceded.
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