2020 Bushfire Aftermath


For 79 days in the summer of 2019/2020, Australia was burning. Homes were being destroyed and everyone was running for their lives. 10 million hectares of land was burned across the country, the devastation was felt by everyone.

But on a computer hope was being built. Helping Homes rose from the ashes and on January 3rd 2020, people across Australia had a way to help those who were suffering. To extend a hand of mate-ship and offer a safe place to those who had lost theirs.


A few beds and homes registered quickly grew to hundreds, and from hundreds to thousands. Helping Homes was spreading just as quickly throughout every state, it was growing so fast that the founder needed help. So The Helping Group was born, a team of one grew to three, and from three to five. Working hard to help those in need and make sure Helping Homes and the other departments were equiped and ready to be there to help those who needed it.

Innovation & Approach

A number of other services stepped up to the plate to help generous Australians offer accommodation to those fleeing from the bushfires. Many of which used forms and preexisting accommodation platforms. There's no denying that this worked well for a lot of people, but the Helping Group wanted to put more power back into the hands of the users - this is where the idea of visually mapping offers came from.

Users from both sides, those seeking assistance and those wanting to offer it, could now visualise the offers around Australia - building with it a sense of community spirit, a collective drive to help.

With location search functionality, those that needed to take up an offer for assistance could quickly zoom their maps to their location.

The mentality of the platform was and is simplicity and familiarity. We wanted users to be able to accomplish what they wanted to achieve with the minimal amount of taps, swipes and pinches. This idea saw itself in the registration process, with only 6 fields to fill out, through to the accepting of offers - using familiar gestures like scrolling, swiping and pinching from other navigational websites and applications

Written by Kasenya Turner
Published Tuesday, January 5, 2021
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HelpingGroup acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and work, and pays deepest respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We also acknowledge that sovereignty of these lands has never been ceded.
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