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Following the success of HelpingHomes, the team behind the initiative moved forward ambitiously. HelpingGroup became a company, Helping Homes being the first initiative. More followed in rapid succession: SupportThem, OurMove, What’s My Impact, and Rainbow Restoration. As we trudge through a dark year, we are continuously developing ideas in direct response to new challenges. Stay tuned as we announce new projects in 2021.

As HelpingGroup approaches its first birthday, it has a dynamic team, and an established mission statement: a philosophy of community and mateship; of transparency and innovation; of helpfulness. On these strong foundations, we keep moving, and keep making good change.

Innovation & Approach

In October, SupportThem formed partnerships with the tourism departments of the East Gippsland, Towong and Alpine Shire councils, and began reaching out to small businesses in these areas. Over the next couple of months, our business liaisons onboarded several businesses over the phone, guiding them through selling their wares on the platform. 

At the same time, HelpingHomes launched a pre-registration campaign. The bushfire season looms just ahead, and we want to be as prepared as possible. That means heightening awareness of our platform by way of social media and radio interviews, thereby increasing our membership numbers. The more members, the more safe spaces for fire evacuees.

OurMove gets closer to launching every day, as copy is being written, technology and designs brought to life. We hope to take our website live in the near future, so that communities can help each other through the fire season and its aftermath.

We end the year not by slowing down, but by increasing our good work. Rainbow Restorations is a new project by HelpingGroup; a set of trading cards featuring historical LGBTQ+ figures. We have partnered with Minus18 and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival for distribution of the cards, which we hope to unveil in the new year.


Our HelpingGroup team continues to expand, with new additions to the Business Development, International Design, Technical and Communications teams. In December, we continued to seek out new talented volunteers. 

As we grew our ranks, we found that the ‘Our Team’ page of HelpingGroup’s website was filling up, and would need more space. Happily, we made this space, along with a whole new website. We took care to set out in detail our mission, vision, values and culture. We also have a page listing open positions, encouraging anybody with like-minded passion to get in touch, to join us in making positive change. 2021 will be a busy year for HelpingGroup across all its initiatives: the new ones, the original ones, and the ones we haven’t even thought of yet. See you there!

Written by Georgia Robinson
Published Tuesday, January 5, 2021
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HelpingGroup acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and work, and pays deepest respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We also acknowledge that sovereignty of these lands has never been ceded.
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